No Silver lining for Gold stocks

A long-term chart shows Silver broke support at $16/ounce and is headed for a test of its 2015 low at $14.

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Silver is more volatile but often indicates, ahead of Gold, the direction of the two precious metals. At present that suggests Gold is likely to test its 2015 low of $1050/ounce.

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China’s Yuan continues to fall against the US Dollar.


The Dollar Index followed through after breaking resistance at 95. Retracement to test the new support level is now unlikely unless China intervenes to support the Yuan. Focus shifts to the long-term target of 103.

Dollar Index

The Australian Dollar broke support at 73 US cents, the Trend Index peak below zero warning of a strong decline. This may cushion local gold miners, to some extent, from the falling US Dollar price but Gold is more volatile.

Australian Dollar/USD

The All Ordinaries Gold Index (XGD) continues to test support at 4900. Breach is likely and would offer a long-term target of 4100.

All Ordinaries Gold Index

Not a good time to buy Gold stocks.