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Artificial intelligence (AI)

Increased use of AI on healthcare will allow researchers to optimize treatment pathways and clinical decision support systems (CDSS).

A CDSS is an interactive computerized system that enables decision makers to compile and examine the relevant information in order to provide a proper and reliable foundation for decision making.

Virtual care

Rapidly evolving technology makes it possible to deliver and receive health care anywhere. Mobile health apps collect and send vital signs from wireless and wired remote patient and personal health monitoring devices. More than 9,000 healthcare-related applications are already available. (Cognizant)


The COVID-19 pandemic caused a change in consumer and provider attitudes towards telehealth consultations and removed regulatory barriers, resulting in a 38 times increase in telehealth usage, compared to pre-pandemic rates, according to McKinsey. Highest uptakes were in the fields of psychiatry (50% of visits) and treatment of substance use disorders (30%).
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