“The stock market remains an exceptionally efficient mechanism
for the transfer of wealth from the impatient to the patient.”

~ Warren Buffett

What We Do

We manage investments for high net-worth investors. Our advice is restricted to listed securities, managed funds and income securities. It excludes other investments classes such as real estate (apart from REITs), infrastructure and alternative investments. The onus is on you to decide what percentage of your total portfolio to allocate to equities.

We do not offer financial planning or tax-related services.

Our Strategy

We invest in stocks that stand to benefit from secular trends (global trends expected to last a generation or more). Examples of secular trends are the growth of renewable energy, online services, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cyber-security, robotics, medical technology, ageing populations (Europe, Japan & China), and an expanding Asian middle class.

We first calculate the fair value of a stock based on expected future cash flows, then we examine the technical outlook using Momentum and Buy/Sell indicators.

We only buy stocks that offer both a bullish fundamental and technical outlook and, as a general rule, only sell stocks when both are bearish. The exception to the sell rule is when we decide to increase our exposure to cash and fixed interest investments because global market risk is elevated.

Long Horizon

Our strategy requires a long investment horizon as growth stocks, while they normally perform well, display strong volatility. Investors need to bear this in mind when constructing their portfolios. The recommended minimum time frame for the strategy is ten years.

Our Services

Our services consist of general advice through our model portfolios or personal investment advice contained in a Statement of Advice. Please read our Financial Services Guide for further details.

Client Portfolios

We manage client portfolios on the Netwealth IDPS platform in Australia. Please contact us for more information on our personal advice services.

Subscription Service

An alternative is to subscribe to our Model Portfolios subscription service. Subscribers receive regular updates to International or Australian Growth portfolios, including research on individual stocks.