Gold, Dollar and the Yuan

China’s Yuan fell sharply over the last 3 weeks, with the threat of US trade tariffs.


Risk of capital flight will force the PBOC to sell foreign reserves to support the Yuan. It took $1 trillion to stem the last fall, so expect a sizable sell-off in Chinese holdings of US Dollar assets, mainly Treasuries and mortgage-backed securities. The outflow is likely to weaken the Dollar, which is likely to strengthen Gold.

The Dollar Index encountered stubborn resistance at 95. Respect would warn of another correction.

Dollar Index

Gold found support at $1250/ounce. Respect of the primary support level would suggest another rally.

Spot Gold

The Aussie Dollar is likely to strengthen if the US Dollar falls.


A stronger US Dollar is expected to be mildly bullish for Australian gold stocks, with a stronger Aussie Dollar offsetting some of the gains.

The All Ordinaries Gold Index broke through resistance at 5250, signaling a primary advance with a target of 6000. Follow-through above 5300, after the recent retracement, would strengthen the signal.

All Ordinaries Gold Index