International Growth: Performance Nov-2021

International Growth portfolio performance since inception on 1 July 2018 is set out below. We expect to hold most growth stocks for 5 to 10 years.

International Growth Annualized Performance 1-Jul-2018 to 30-Nov-2021: Portfolio 16.09%, ASX 200 Accumulation Index 18.68%

And in Australian Dollars:

International Growth in AUD Annualized Performance 1-Jul-2018 to 30-Nov-2021: Portfolio 17.34%, ASX 200 Accumulation Index 19.96%

Performance of Individual Stocks

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The portfolio has a sizable allocation to gold & precious metals (17% at 30-Nov-2021). We expect rising inflation and increasingly negative real interest rates to lift performance of this asset class over the next year.


  • Performance is calculated in US Dollars except where otherwise stated.
  • Annualized performance is calculated using the CAGR formula.
  • Returns are calculated after brokerage costs but exclude all other fees and charges.
  • Not all stocks have equal weighting nor held for the full period.
  • Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.