ASX 200: Zero confidence

The ASX 200 has been buoyed by an RBA rate cut, recovering above resistance at 6350. I have zero confidence that this signals the start of a new up-trend.

ASX 200

Rate cuts normally precede a contraction and I am wary of committing further funds to the equity market at present.

RBA Cash Target Rate

My own view is that rate cuts are wasteful. If they have not worked to date, we are pushing on a string. Rather than doubling down, we need to try something else (boost infrastructure spending for example).

Cash and fixed income securities represent 46% of my Australian Growth portfolio for two reasons: (1) the potential impact of a US-China trade war on Australia; and (2) declining house prices and their potential impact on undercapitalised banks leveraged at nearly 20 times common equity (CET1).