Aussie Gold breakout

The All Ordinaries Gold Index broke through resistance at 5250, signaling a primary advance with a target of 6000. I remain cautious while the Dollar-price of Gold is falling; respect of Gold support at $1250/ounce would strengthen the bull signal.

All Ordinaries Gold Index

The Aussie Dollar continues to fall, boosting local gold stocks.


Despite the Dollar-price of gold heading for a test of primary support between $1240 and $1250. Trend Index peaks below zero flag selling pressure.

Spot Gold

Largely because the Dollar is strengthening, with the Dollar Index breaking through resistance at 95 to signal continuation of the recent advance.

Dollar Index

A sharp fall in China’s Yuan is unsettling global financial markets.


The normal response to uncertainty is a flight to safety which boosts the Dollar, Yen and Gold. But this looks like a straight arm-wrestle between the Yuan and the Dollar, with strong demand for the greenback weakening the Dollar-price of Gold.