Stan Druckenmiller’s macro outlook

“….We need to make an adjustment fundamentally and price wise. And if you look at the market, in the non-QE world, free world, 15 times earnings was about right. We’re at 20 times earnings. I don’t know what we’re doing 20 times earnings. It’s hard for me to get excited about the long side of the overall market with the market, say, 20% above its normal valuation. When you have a federal fiscal recklessness problem, you have supply chain problems, you have the worst geopolitical situation I’ve seen in my lifetime.

’78, ’79 was bad. But I mean, for the first time, it’s a very low probability, but you gotta put the potential outcome of World War on the table. Not exactly an environment that excites me about paying 20 to 30%, above the multiple for equity prices. The next six months, who knows? And we’re certainly washed out to some extent.”