Gold consolidates as the Yuan plunge continues

The Yuan’s plunge against the US Dollar is accelerating, with a short-term target of 0.1380. This is likely to elicit more tariff threats from the US — China has already been labeled a currency manipulator — as the trade war spirals out of control. There is no resolution in sight. Like a brush fire, trade wars are easy to start but difficult to extinguish as attitudes on both sides harden.


A falling Yuan will increase capital flight, boosting demand for Gold. Spot Gold is consolidating above $1500/ounce. A Trend Index trough above zero indicates strong buying pressure. Respect of support at $1500 is likely and would signal another advance. Our target is the 2012 high at $1800/ounce.

Spot Gold in USD

The recent strong advance on Silver supports our bullish outlook for Gold. The two tend to move in tandem.

Spot Silver in USD

The All Ordinaries Gold Index is surprisingly weak, testing support at 7500 despite a falling Aussie Dollar. Breach of 7500 would warn of another decline, with a target of 6000/6500, but the primary trend is expected to remain upward. The dip is likely to present a good buy opportunity.

All Ordinaries Gold Index

The Australian Dollar decline is testing support at 0.68 against the greenback. Our long-term target is 60 cents (calculated by subtracting (80-70) from 70) which should support a stronger $XGD.

Australian Dollar