2 Replies to “EconoMonitor » The U.S. is sliding down an investment slope”

  1. So when you are bogged down in a long term recession, why would you expect private investment not to decline? A focus on job growth and unemployment figures, rather than GDP, answers the question and suggests the solution. Putting people back to work will create demand for good & services, which will spur private investment again. Only demand will do this (monetary measures have not been enough); US companies are smart enough to know that capital investment is foolish as long as prolonged lack of demand shows no signs of abating. Just wait: EU-15 countries will have to follow suit if demand continues at the same level or lower.

    The conclusion above from EconoMonitor, to just throw in the towel and accepted slow growth, suggests complete naivety and lack of historical knowledge. It’s difficult to understand why so many oblique ideas and theories are proposed when the solution is so obvious. Almost implies someone out there is paying them not to find an the answer.

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