Time to get on with the serious business of beating COVID-19

Conservative news channel Fox News have called the election in favor of Joe Biden.

FoxNews: 2020 election

Trump and a few die-hard supporters insist that they will mount a legal challenge to overturn the election result. Here is a quick assessment of his chances by Neal Katyal, professor of National Security Law at Georgetown University and former US Acting Solicitor General (2010-2011):

Neal Katyal

There were 128,412 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday, November 7, bringing the total number of Americans infected to just under 10 million.

Daily New COVID-19 Cases reach 128,412

This has the potential to overload the health care system and shut down the economy. We need to ignore the sideshow and focus on what can be done to stop this. Before it’s too late.

Quote for the Week

Crisis does not change who you are.
Crisis reveals who you are.
~ Jakub Janda