ASX 200 tests support

The ASX 200 retreated from resistance at the high of 7600 and is now testing support at 7400. Breach would warn of a correction to test primary support at 6750.

ASX 200

The Financials Index has similarly retreated from resistance at 6800. Reversal below 6650 would warn of a correction.

ASX 200 Financials

The A-REIT Index would likewise warn of a correction to test 1200 if support at 1440 is breached. The recent rally was in response to falling long-term bond yields.


The correction in yields is secondary in nature and is unlikely to reverse the long-term up-trend. Further increases in long-term yields are expected to weaken A-REITs.

10-Year AGB Yield

Healthcare also rallied strongly in the past two months but could reverse if long-term bond yields strengthen.

ASX 200 Healthcare

Consumer Staples are in a strong down-trend. Breach of support at 11500 would warn of another decline.

ASX 200 Staples

Discretionary has surprised to the upside, breaking resistance at 3200. A Trend Index trough at zero indicates buying pressure. Retracement that respects the new support level would signal a further advance.

ASX 200 Discretionary

Energy rallied to test resistance at 11000 but a Trend Index peak below zero warns of selling pressure. Another test of primary support at 10000 is likely.

ASX 200 Energy

The All Ordinaries Gold Index fell sharply as the US Dollar strengthened. Follow-through below 6500 would warn of another test of support at 6000.

All Ordinaries Gold Index

The ASX 300 Metals & Mining Index is falling sharply as China’s recovery falters. Another test of primary support at 5600 is likely.

ASX 300 Metals & Mining


Rate cuts and measures to stimulate the Chinese economy have been modest as the PBOC is trying to protect the Yuan from further depreciation against the US Dollar.

ASX 200 Discretionary

The result is slowing growth and deflation as weak demand persists.

China & India Inflation


Falling long-term bond yields have boosted Financials, REITs, Health Care and Consumer Discretionary sectors but the correction in yields is secondary and we expect this to reverse in 2024.

The Metals & Mining sector is falling sharply as China struggles to overcome weak demand while at the same time protecting the Yuan from further depreciation against the Dollar.

Our overall outlook for the ASX 200 remains bearish. Breach of support at 7400 would warn of a correction to test primary support from the October 2022 low at 6750.

ASX 200 selling pressure builds as Aussie Dollar falls

The ASX 200 broke resistance at 5200, but bearish divergence on 13-week Twiggs Money Flow continues to warn of selling pressure.
ASX 200 Index

The daily chart also shows a bearish divergence, suggesting a test of support at 5100/5120. Failure would indicate a correction, while respect would confirm an advance to 5400*.
ASX 200 Index

* Target calculation: 5150 + ( 5150 – 4900 ) = 5400

Bipolar behavior of the market is highlighted by comparison of the ASX 50 Large Caps to the ASX Small Ords (ASX 300 – ASX 100). Small Caps tend to outperform Large Caps during a bull market, as can be seen from 2003 to 2007. But the current “bull market” gives out mixed signals, with Large Caps powering ahead while Small Caps remain in a down-trend. Demand for Large Caps seems to have been inflated by international capital flows.
ASX 50 Index
And the falling Aussie Dollar, with a target of $0.96* against the greenback, is likely to lead to retreat of the ASX 50 and ASX 200 indices.
Aussie Dollar

* Target calculation: 1.01 – ( 1.06 – 1.01 ) = 0.96

ASX 200 meets resistance

The ASX 200 is testing resistance at 5200. Breakout would signal an advance to 5400*. Reversal below 5100 is unlikely but would warn of a bull trap.  As would reversal of 21-day Twiggs Money Flow below zero.
ASX 200 Index

* Target calculation: 5150 + ( 5150 – 4900 ) = 5400

The Energy Sector XEJ recently completed an inverted head and shoulders reversal over six weeks, signaling an advance to 137. Bullish divergence on 13-week Twiggs Money Flow indicates long-term buying pressure. Breakout above 137 would offer a long-term target around 150*.
ASX 50 Index

* Target calculation: 135 + ( 135 – 120 ) = 150