Tech leaders bearish

There are five tech giants that dictate market direction. All reflect bearish sentiment in the market but only Facebook (FB) is in a primary down-trend. Not enough to call this a bear market.


Facebook (FB) is the only one to have broken primary support. At present it is retracing to test the new resistance level at 150.


Alphabet is headed for a test of primary support at 1000 while declining Money Flow warns of selling pressure.


Apple (AAPL) also signals selling pressure and has penetrated its rising trendline. Expect a test of primary support at 150.


Amazon (AMZN) is stronger, respecting its LT trendline, but declining Money Flow  warns of selling pressure. Breach of 1500 would be bearish.


Microsoft (MSFT) is strongest with Money Flow holding above zero. Breach of 100, however, would warn of a test of primary support at 85.


If another, most likely AAPL or GOOGL, breaks primary support then the needle would swing into bear market territory.