The Myth Of The “Passive Indexing” Revolution | RIA

From Lance Roberts at RIA:

While the idea of passive indexing works while all prices are rising, the reverse is also true. The problem is that once prices begin to fall the previously “passive indexer” becomes an “active panic seller.” With the flood of money into “passive index” and “yield funds,” the tables are once again set for a dramatic and damaging ending.

Source: The Myth Of The “Passive Indexing” Revolution | RIA

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  1. I believe that Lance Roberts at RIA does not have any basis to label the period as * Investors “All-In” *.

    This is very unfortunate, and I hope that readers are not mislead.

    Represents a strong bias to me, that they feel the the markets are peaking, and/or have structured portfolios accordingly.

    1. period mid-2014 to the present

      When I presented the above in , it it not appear in my original post.

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