Television networks resist gambling ad ban

From Lucy Battersby at the Sydney Morning Herald:

Communications Minister Mitch Fifield is reportedly considering a ban on gambling ads screening from the start to finish of sporting events.

Television networks are increasingly reliant on revenue from the gambling industry, which spent nearly $150 million on wagering and lottery advertisements in 2016, an increase of 19 per cent on 2015.

Networks have been screaming for cuts to their licence fees in the May federal budget, to make up for declining ad revenue….

Threats by networks to shut down free-to-air sports should be taken with a pinch of salt. Gambling has recently been a major advertiser but the networks survived for many years without them.

Buy out of advertising — as in the 1987 replacement of tobacco advertising with health messages — seems a good option compared to cutting license fees. Positive health and related (especially alcohol and gambling) messages can help shape better attitudes in society, with long-term benefits from lower medical and welfare costs.

Source: Television networks warn gambling ad ban may shut down free-to-air sports

2 Replies to “Television networks resist gambling ad ban”

  1. Yes, Big Sport and TV are being handed a golden opportunity to win the hearts and minds of decent fans who just want to watch fair sport without greed mongers slopping at the trough. Want to bet (just kidding) they kick it out of bounds?

  2. That’s if they don’t move the goal posts to the sideline, to score an easy goal after the ball has been kicked … to continue your analogy!

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