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  1. Absolute garbage. He is saying that DIY terrorists from at least 3 countries can fund, organise, smuggle weapons and carry out a murderous outrage in Paris has nothing to do with ISIS? Yeah right. There are no party application forms you have to fill in so who knows who is ISIS and who isn’t. If these guys weren’t organised and funded from caliphate headquarters in Raqqa then at the very least they believe in all that ISIS believes in. This ideology has to be rooted out. Remember Aly was a spokesman for the Islamic Council of Victoria. He has no qualifications or experience in terrorism or military intelligence only a law and engineering degree.

    1. At present they are getting free worldwide publicity — courtesy of the media. Remove the publicity and they will wither up and die. Try selling that to the press though.

    2. Having read your main points carefully a couple of times it seems to me you are angrily agreeing with Waleed, notwithstanding the personal slights.

      1: Ideology, you are both correct: there [probably] is no “membership” as such. It is simply a movement of evil that appeals to, and authorises young rebellious minds to blow the shit out of stuff and kill people – that’s its ideology. Most pubescent boys go through a period like that in their formative years, and some succumb to it, while most do not depending on upbringing. And it is very useful for any ideology (good or bad) to make use of existing strongly held beliefs, which is why it appeals to marginalised people with a “them and us” mentality. This stuff has always existed. History is littered with it. The problem today is that the ideology happens to coincide with instant communications, and a worldwide glut of cheap and deadly weapons (thanks superpowers) that can kill at great distances in a kind of God-like though ultimately cowardly manner. This naturally appeals to any young man’s misguided sense of superiority, boosting his self-esteem and making such evil feel right and good in the absence of any decency values that should have been instilled by parents.

      2: Coordination and funding: As for the so-called “amazing funding and organisation” we keep hearing about, it’s nothing more than what a bikie gang could do, or the Mafia, the KKK for that matter.

      His point is, the more we blame nearby innocent people for other, more distant people’s actions, the more we drive them to defend themselves against us, when they were already with us in the first place.

      You have to personally experience discrimination and prejudice to truly understand how mind altering it can be.

  2. Thanks to Waleed Aly for some emotionless media common sense, at last. And if we could all stop calling them Islamic State, and start calling them evil loonies instead, decent Muslims might feel better about uniting against them too.

    Remember, evil is nothing more than a mental virus that will hijack anything in a person’s mind to further its proliferation. Our best weapon is to be mindful of what we are thinking, and question whether the thoughts are really our own considered opinion, or someone else’s implanted by, and with, strong emotions like anger, hate or fear, which is how all “mob thinking” spreads.

    1. “….if we could all stop calling them Islamic State, and start calling them evil loonies instead, decent Muslims might feel better about uniting against them too.”

      Good point.

  3. Frank, You are right. This has nothing to do with religion. Calling themselves “Islamic State” is as much an oxymoron as “Buddhist Serial Killers”. They can have no claim to religious affiliation.

  4. We just need to love Islam, and not speak out about it or have an opinion that is not consistent with the ABC or SBS.
    We must also not question Aly and the left wing disciples and every other instant expert on the Koran about Hezbollah, Boko Haram, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hamas or any of the dozens of such Islamic terrorist groups. Even if we could do the unthinkably stupid and ignore ISIL, what are we to make of the rest of them? What are we to make of the fact that Islamic countries the world over are unstable, barbaric, oppressive and nations of eternal war.

    What to we make of a religion that in Somalia for example, demands that everyone be a Muslim, and where 96% of females have had their genitals mutilated? There are dozens of other countries in the same situation, and all of them are Islamic or hugely influenced by Islam. Need I go on?

    Wake up and smell the coffee. It is the teaching of Islam that is the problem. Its very name is translated to “dominate”. Look at the scoreboard and ask yourself what has it done for prosperity and freedom in the countries where it dominates.

    What a massive leap of faith it is to ignore thousands of years of consistent history and think that Islam is suddenly all about peace.

  5. This is stupid superficial analysis. Claiming that if the media ignored them they would go away is stupid. That is not how the Shining Path or Maoists were defeated. The way to beat terrorism is to remove the reason to join them.

    If you destabilize a nation and region for 50 years by bombing wedding parties, bombing volunteer doctors, shooting down civilian airliners, applying sanctions to democratically elected governments you disagree with, secretly torturing people, being a coward and hiding behind drone strikes, applying apartheid type rules, limiting job options, confiscating land and letting 100,000s rot in refugee camps you are going to puss people off.

    The Israelis kill as many Palestinians as the attack in France regularly. Our ally Saudi Arabia beheads more people than the Islamic State. Our ally Saudi Arabia treats women as poor as the Taliban yet we look the other way.

    The west started this current round of fighting with Sykes-Pivot but we have become to PC and cowardly to finish. How many elected governments in the West has Iran overthrown? How many western nations has Iraq bombed with drones? When has Syrian forces gone town to town in the West rounding up the males?

    The West created the conditions for ISIS by invading Iraq and then disbanding the army, just as it created the conditions for Al Queda.

    If you start a fight and become too much of a pussy to finish it you get what you deserve. George Washington, Ho Chi Minh and al Baghdadi are all the same character, they just look different from where we stand.

    If you can’t figure out and understand how this is blow back from the policies during colonialism and the desperate measures to keep that system in place then you are a fucking stupid brainwashed poorly read TV gorging Westerner.

    I do not justify nor support either side.

    1. “George Washington, Ho Chi Minh and al Baghdadi are all the same character, they just look different from where we stand.”

      I don’t recall George Washington (or Nelson Mandela) targeting civilians in order to publicize their cause.

  6. Perhaps everyone should read all the versus of the Qu’aran that oblige Muslims to kill non-Muslims. That is what Muslims are doing everywhere – killing us non-Muslims. They are doing what they believe in and no one has a right to redefine what a Muslim is because its in the book. No one can change the book.

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