2 Replies to “Extent of the Russian “incursion” in Ukraine”

  1. Could be an invasion—could be humanitarian aid with protection. Doesn’t seem like enough to destabilize a country–does seem like it is unwarranted.

  2. Wake up Jon, this is not a TV sitcom. When someone invades another country, humanitarian aid and protection is not part of the strategy of achieving your predeterrmined goals. It is a useful ploy in confusing the international community about your intentions, and while they take a wait and see stance, the aggressors deliver heavy weaponry and supplies to “aid and protect” their own forces, as you have already noted. As we have all witnessed the Russians are successfully reinterpreting invasion by way of stealth creep with the support of white army trucks painted with crosses which are not santioned by the international Red Cross or any other aid organisation. Its a good way of invading isn’t it. Very clever.

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