Forex: Aussie breaks support while Yen soars

The Aussie Dollar broke primary support at $1.015 and is testing parity against the greenback. Parity is not expected to hold and we are likely to see a test of the next major support level at $0.95/$0.96. Narrow fluctuation of 63-day Twiggs Momentum around zero continues to suggest a ranging market.

Aussie Dollar/USD

The euro is retreating, headed for another test of $1.2750. Respect would signal another attempt at $1.37, while failure would indicate a primary down-trend — testing long-term support at $1.20. The failed advance to $1.50 would be bearish; and breach of $1.20 would offer a target of $1.05*.


* Target calculation: 1.20 – ( 1.35 – 1.20 ) = 1.05

Rapid expansion of the monetary base by the Bank of Japan is fueling inflation fears and weakening the yen. Lars Christensen points out that, with competitive devaluation from all quarters, exports are not likely to play a major part in a Japanese recovery. What is more likely is a consumption and investment boom as households invest in real assets as a hedge against inflation.

The greenback broke resistance at ¥100 against the Japanese Yen — a one-third appreciation from the lows of 2011/2012. Expect retracement to test the new support level, but breach of the long-term declining trendline indicates the 30-year secular bear trend is over. Long-term target for the advance is the 2007 high at ¥125*.


* Target calculation: 100 – ( 100 – 75 ) = 125