The decline of investigative journalism

The rise of new media has seen the decline of journalism. Here, Edward S. Herman, co-author with Noam Chomsky of “Manufacturing Consent”, is interviewed on changes in the media over the last 25 years. All the problems of the propaganda media model have grown worse; new media like Real News show potential but need funding for investigative journalism.

2 Replies to “The decline of investigative journalism”

  1. Another attempt to discredit the Bush administration while keeping mum on the real liar, President Obama, who has lied about the assignation of our Ambassador and the murder of three Americans in Libya. Of course, that is just his most recent falsehood. The media has been compromised by the leftist such as Herman and Chomsky who have poisoned the minds of the lemmings we are sending to their so called learning institutions. These same individuals have been so color blinded that they believe anyone who is white is evil. Whoever is still reading the drivel put out by today’s media has their collective heads up their asses.

    1. Every conservative/libertarian should read Chomsky, and every socialist should read Hayek — we would have a more balanced world. This world is not good v. evil, or black and white, but different shades of gray.

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