“You wonder why leaders really want these jobs when they do not want to lead. And what is their risk? That Barack Obama will not get a second term? Or that Angela Merkel’s coalition might finally end up on the rocks? If they actually made the leap they might astound themselves. Because in the end, everyone in political life gets carried out — the only relevant question is whether the pall-bearers will be crying.”

~ former Australian prime minister Paul Keating as quoted in The Australian

2 Replies to “Leadership”

  1. Sure lead and damn the people who elected you. Spoken like someone with a God-complex. The difference between Keating and God is at least God doesn’t think he is Keating. He should be reminded of Lord Acton’s saying ‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ I for one believe politicians should have less power rather than more, because the more power they have the less you and I have…it is a zero sum game.

    1. @Ben
      I think he is right. And I also think that if he was from another side of politics (Say Margaret Thatcher?) you might be applauding the sentiment.

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