Dow acid-test

The Dow is headed for the band of support between 10600 and 10800 — a real acid-test. Support is likely to fail unless we see a substantial increase in volume, indicating buying support. Breach of 10600 would confirm another down-swing with a target of 10000*.

Dow Jones Industrial Average

* Target calculation: 11000 – ( 12000 – 11000 ) = 10000

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  1. It seems to me we are being caught between Capitalism, ie the Sub Prime Mortgage fiasco which sparked this whole thing off and Socialism gone too far, as we are seeing in parts of Europe. The capitalist problem should be realtively easy to handle with legislation and after paying off the debt, that should be the end of it. The socialist problems though are more ingrained in our western society, as it is taught to us and espoused by the main stream media. The tax payer needs to decide how many months of the year does he want to work for the state. IE be a slave to the state for 2,4,6,8 or whatever months of the year. Perhaps a look at our economic history of when our countries were becoming prosperous and the tax rates of these times should be studied. One thing is for sure, economics as it has been practiced has either been violated, or it is operating on wrong data.

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  3. Colin you seem to be thinking that the Dow is headed for 10,000 when it seems to be bottoming at 10600 and the ASX 200 bottoming at 3800. Time will tell.

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