India Singapore

India’s Sensex Index closed lower Friday on average volume. 13-Week Twiggs Money Flow continues below zero, warning of selling pressure. Breakout below Tuesday’s low of 16500 would confirm the decline to 16000*.

India SENSEX Index

* Target calculation: 17500 – ( 19000 – 17500 ) = 16000

The Singapore Straits Times Index fared better. Recovery above 2900 would indicate a bear rally, but resistance at 3000 is expected to hold.

Singapore Straits Times Index

* Target calculation: 2800 – ( 3000 – 2800 ) = 2600

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  1. It seems like always being wise on backwards situation analysis. For example if you expect a resistance on a point, you should wait to see if it happened if it does you are OK but if it does not you have wasted a precious momentum time and need to jump on the train while moving.
    When you analyse history to backup your analysis it will always work, it is like selling some illusions.
    Even with volume, sometimes heavy volume on a rising market seems evidence of buying pressure, sometimes it is discover to be heavy selling on the way up, but when you see it backwards you know the result and can say the real volume reason.
    I can also find history charts that shows the opposite the theory goes, it is like running in circles and waiting something good will happen.

    1. Danny, Thank you for the feedback. All TA is based on past history. Picking one example is not an empirical study, but helps to illustrate the patterns. Regards, Colin

    2. I’d rather loose on possible investing ideas rather than investing capital. TA is a great tool to help with that premise and Colin’s analysis is one of the best there is.

      This site and Colin’s analysis is free and quite valuable to those who read it and love it. If you don’t like it and don’t even know that all TA relies on price HISTORY, I guess you should go to astrology sites – they ‘predict’ the future…

  2. Hi Colin, Monday was a holiday for the Indian stock Markets (also South Korea). Would appreciate if you can start tracking the NIFTY ($CNXN/ ^NSEI/^NSEBANK) for the Indian markets. Enjoying your charts and analysis as alwasy. Warm Regards,

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