Asia joins US stampede

The Singapore Straits Times Index closed at 2900 Monday, confirming a primary down-trend. Initial target for the down-swing is 2800*.

Singapore Straits Times Index

* Target calculation: 3000 – ( 3200 – 3000 ) = 2800

The Indian Sensex Index broke support at 17500, testing 17000 Monday before the close.  Target for the down-swing is  16000*.

India Sensex Index

* Target calculation: 17500 – ( 19000 – 17500 ) = 16000

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    1. Hi Darmesh,

      At present we don’t have decent history for the NIFTY. We plan to add Indian stocks in the new year and that will give us better coverage.

      Regards, Colin

  1. I’ve been following you from Canada for a couple of years, normally studying your emails intensively on weekends. I’m fine with the new, timely and bite-sized blog approach but given the new format, I was very appreciative of the “flags” at the bottom of the email, as they will permits me to quickly find and “round up” your global coverage in my usual way. I hope the email newsletter with its “flag” links will keep coming.

  2. hi collin,

    well i found it good that you always try to do new and make things easy for your subscriber. As i m an Indian my question on indian market. With the help of your trading dairy i am not in a loss of money but i want to ask you that i want to make a long term investment with the time horizon for 2 – 3 years of 50,000$ – 1,00,000$ , should this would be the right time to invest or i have to wait more because the prices of stock of good compnies in india came much lower than the october clash of 2008. please guide me

  3. Dear Colin,
    I am sorry to say that your new letter is not covering SENSEX like the previous ones or I am unable to open.Please take necessary action to clarify and please start Nifty F charts as requested by dharmeshji for our benefit.

    Thanks and Regards,


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