20 Banks That Will Get Crushed If The PIIGS Go Bust

Now it looks like Commerzbank could be the next bank to fall in the crisis, which we found to have exposure to the PIIGS second only to Dexia of non-peripheral European banks in this exposure stress test.

….We took a list of the largest European banks by assets and compared their market cap, common equity, and total exposure to PIIGS debt (thank you for the bank statistics, EBA!). Then we calculated exposure to PIIGS debt (sovereign and private) as a percentage of the banks’ common equity. (Notice that HSBC, ING, and even Societe Generale are all absent from this list.)

So far our track record is pretty good–we predicted that Dexia was the most vulnerable bank outside of the PIIGS back in July. If the eurozone crisis continues to escalate, we will see more and more banks bow to the pressure of exposure and become unable to borrow money.

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