Crude: Where next?

Nymex Light Crude plotted against CPI gives an historical perspective on current crude prices: high prior to China’s entry into the global energy market, but low relative to prices since then. Expect strong support at the 2008 low.

Nymex WTI Light Crude and Brent Crude

Has fracking permanently suppressed oil prices, or will production dwindle over time in response to lower prices? Oil well efficiency is rising as marginal wells are mothballed.


Production forecasts are rising.


Causing oil futures to fall. June 2020 Light Crude broke support at $70/barrel, offering a target of $55/barrel.

June 2020 Light Crude

* Target calculation: 70 – ( 85 – 70 ) = 55

Spot prices (Nymex Light Crude) continue to range between $58 and $61 per barrel. Reversal below $58 would signal retracement to test medium-term support at $54. Breakout above $61 is unlikely at present, but would signal a rally to $68/barrel.

Nymex WTI Light Crude and Brent Crude