Biden withdraws, Bitcoin rises

President Joe Biden has withdrawn his nomination for re-election in November and endorsed vice-president Kamala Harris as his replacement. No matter your politics, you have to respect the man for putting the needs of his country first.

Bitcoin welcomed the news by rallying to $68K.

Bitcoin (BTC)


Bitcoin is headed for a test of resistance at $72K, signaling risk-on for financial markets.

"The American Recovery" by Mohamed A El-Erian | Project Syndicate

the economy is not yet in a position to handle the 4-5%-of-GDP “fiscal cliff” that is approaching as all of the hard political decisions that were postponed come into view at the end of this year. The prospect of a disorderly fiscal contraction needs to give way to a more rationally designed approach that avoids undermining the fragile recovery. To accomplish that, the political class must avoid the bickering that almost sent America back into recession in 2011, and that raised major questions about the quality of the country’s economic governance.

…..America’s full recovery is not yet guaranteed. A mix of steadfastness, caution, and good luck is needed for that to happen. And when it does, the country will be in a better position to repay its massive hospital bill.

via "The American Recovery" by Mohamed A El-Erian | Project Syndicate.