Enough to make Gazputin grin

  • Chinese stocks drift lower
  • Crude oil rising
  • Other commodities weak

China’s Shanghai Composite Index continues to drift lower on the long-term, monthly chart.

Shanghai Composite Index

Apart from crude oil, commodity prices have fared little better. But crude plays such a dominant role in most commodity indices that they appear more buoyant. Dow Jones-UBS Commodity Index rallied to 140 before retracing for another test of primary support. Oscillation of 13-week Twiggs Momentum around zero, however, does not suggest a significant trend.

Dow Jones UBS Commodities Index

Crude oil is doing a lot better, heading for another test of $110/barrel on the back of supply threats from geo-political tensions. The ascending triangle is very large, but breakout would suggest a long-term target of the 2008 high at $145*.

Brent Crude and Nymex Crude

* Target calculation: 110 + ( 110 – 75 ) = 145

…Enough to make even Gazputin grin.

Vladimir Putin

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