The world’s lightest sports car

The Elemental RP-1 carbon fiber framed British sports car weighs in at only 450 kg, about one-third the weight of a VW Golf compact.


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World’s first 3D carbon fiber printer

The world’s first 3D carbon fiber printer will also soon reach the market. Nidhi Goyal writes:

Developer Gregory Mark, of MarkForged, unveiled his first working prototype of the world’s first carbon fiber 3D printer at SolidWorks World 2014 in San Diego recently. The printer can print in carbon fiber, fiberglass, nylon and PLA and can generate extremely stable, lightweight objects. Carbon fiber is 20 times stiffer and five times stronger than ABS plastic with a strength that exceeds steel….At $5,000, the Mark One printer is slightly more expensive than a normal 3D printer….

Could be useful if you have a fender-bender.

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