A Hard Landing Down Under | The Big Picture

Andy Xie has a bearish outlook on China and believes 2013 could be a tough year for Australia:

The market went from not believing in China’s growth story a decade ago to extrapolating past performance into the infinite future……The year 2008 should have been the end of this boom cycle. China’s stimulus misled the market into believing otherwise…..The Australian economy is probably a bubble on top of China’s overinvestment bubble. The latter’s unwinding will sooner or later trigger the former to do so, too…..

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How Europe Can Save the EU: Work Harder, Spend Less

Andy Xie, an independent economist in China, said European countries without a competitive advantage must simply work harder or spend less. Alternatively, if they want to keep living it up, they will have to accept wrenching labor reforms and deregulation.

Xie saw no popular consent for either course of action. Nor did he detect that Europe was tightening its belt as urgently as Asia did after its 1997/98 financial crisis. “While eurozone economies have contracted a bit, people seem to be bent on enjoying life as usual,” Xie wrote in New Century weekly, a Chinese publication. “China cannot save Europe. No one can. Only Europeans can, through increasing work relative to leisure.”

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