The rise of tyranny

From Andrew Sullivan in NYMag:

…..In Eric Hoffer’s classic 1951 tract, The True Believer, he sketches the dynamics of a genuine mass movement. He was thinking of the upheavals in Europe in the first half of the century, but the book remains sobering, especially now. Hoffer’s core insight was to locate the source of all truly mass movements in a collective sense of acute frustration. Not despair, or revolt, or resignation — but frustration simmering with rage. Mass movements, he notes (as did Tocqueville centuries before him), rarely arise when oppression or misery is at its worst (say, 2009); they tend to appear when the worst is behind us but the future seems not so much better (say, 2016). It is when a recovery finally gathers speed and some improvement is tangible but not yet widespread that the anger begins to rise. After the suffering of recession or unemployment, and despite hard work with stagnant or dwindling pay, the future stretches ahead with relief just out of reach. When those who helped create the last recession face no consequences but renewed fabulous wealth, the anger reaches a crescendo…..

Sullivan argues that Donald Trump is riding this populist backlash to the White House. I believe that the same populist forces are behind the BREXIT vote. This is a major threat to stability of the Western world over the next decade.

Source: America Has Never Been So Ripe for Tyranny — NYMag

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  1. ‘I believe that the same populist forces are behind the Brexit vote’. There is no question you are right Colin ( the post-vote interviews with the public show this well) .
    But it is not a entirely new . Protest voting is common in by-elections for parliamentary seats so maybe that is what US primaries and some or even all referendums are in the way some or even many people treat them when they vote .
    Given the above. for Cameron to permit massive constitutional change on a 50% vote must be the most stupid decision by a politician in the UK; at least since Chamberlains’ bit of paper from Hitler in 1938.

    PS Has anyone got a new adjective for England and Wales to replace ‘British’ for Scotland is as good as gone if there is no referendum re-run or election with a win by a pro-EU party winner in the UK before the Article 5 documetn is signed.

    PPS For any Brits out there still in shock etc, watch this to get you mind off it all …………………. .

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