After China, Fund Chief Goes to Japan –

On Friday, Chinese and European officials sought to play down expectations about when and how China may deploy its vast financial resources to help bail out indebted countries in Europe.

A Chinese Vice Finance Minister said China must first see the details of a new European bailout fund before making any commitments. “We of course must wait until its structure is extremely clear,” Zhu Guangyao told a press briefing. “And moreover, this investment must be decided on after serious, technical discussions.”

Mr. Regling told reporters he doesn’t expect “any precise outcome” from his visit to China and said “it’s too early to say what kind of amounts might be envisioned.”

…..Mr. Regling dismissed suggestions that European leaders will be forced to offer concessions to China in return for investment. “I am not here to discuss concessions,” he said, noting that China already buys EFSF bonds and gets no special considerations.

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