Gold is rising despite a strong Dollar

Gold is strengthening despite falling oil prices and the rising Dollar.

The Dollar Index is advancing toward a long-term target of 100 after breaking resistance at 90 in December.
Dollar Index

* Target calculation: 90 + ( 90 – 80 ) = 100

Spot gold is testing resistance at $1300/ounce after breaking through $1250. Expect a rally to test resistance at $1400, but a change in the primary trend is unlikely. Reversal below $1200 would warn of a decline to $1000*.

* Target calculation: 1200 – ( 1400 – 1200 ) = 1000

The most likely explanation for gold strength is the prospect of significant quantitative easing by the European Central Bank. Mario Draghi has called on the ECB to purchase € 50 billion of securities per month until December 2016 according to Bloomberg. With Japan and China already following the path of monetary expansion, concerns over the potential for a “currency war” are growing.

Japan Eases Monetary Policy in Surprise Move –


TOKYO—The Bank of Japan took surprisingly strong steps to further ease its monetary policy on Wednesday, following similar steps by the Federal Reserve, as it tries to tackle entrenched deflation, an export-sapping strong yen and the impact of slowing global growth.

The central bank’s policy board decided at the end of a two-day meeting to increase the size of its asset-purchase program—the main tool for monetary easing with near-zero interest rates—to ¥80 trillion ($1.01 trillion) from ¥70 trillion.

via Japan Eases Monetary Policy in Surprise Move –

Competitive devaluations, started by the ECB and followed by the Fed, PBOC and BOJ. Let the fun begin!

Yen super-trend continues

The dollar continues its downward 30-year super-trend against the yen. The Bank of Japan (BOJ) appears unable to support the dollar at current levels and breakout below ¥80 warns of a decline to ¥70*.


* Target calculation: 80 – ( 90 – 80 ) = 70